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The UT Literacy Blog was created so that students in the College of Education and the School of Information can share resources related to teaching literacy! With that in mind, we hope you’ll follow a few guidelines when posting to the blog:

  1. Categorize and tag your post! (for more information see Categories and Tagging)
  2. Follow our formatting guidelines when possible to help keep posts easy to browse.
  3. Check your post for formatting issues when pasting from Microsoft Word as this can often cause issues. Look for help and tips here.

For more help, read our Guidelines and Help page or watch our video tutorial, or contact the UT Education Librarian at edlibrarian@lib.utexas.edu.

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Watch the Video Tutorial:

Use the tagging guidelines!

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Do you have suggestions for making the blog better?  We’d love to hear them!  Email us at edlibrarian@lib.utexas.edu

Help Finding Library Materials

Help finding library materials in the Youth Collection can be found on the research guides for creating text sets or the Youth Collection.

Getting Started?

If you are just getting started using the blog, view the tutorial!  It will help you find materials and link them from the catalog.  Don’t forget to view the Categories and Tagging page as well, and try to follow the guidelines there when tagging your post!

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