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Abraham Lincoln Text Set

The UT libraries have a LOT of youth resources (especially non-fiction) about Honest Abe!  This makes our 16th president the perfect first subject for a text set made out of our items.  Of course, this list of materials is not exhaustive, but this is a good jumping off point for learning bout Abe Lincoln.  If you know of other great materials for this set, please share them in the comments!

This text set is aimed at 3rd graders.


Grace’s Letter to Lincoln, Connie Roop


True Stories about Abraham Lincoln, Ruth Belov Gross

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington: Young Presidents, Augusta Stevenson (this book is long, but excerpts may be appropriate).

“Abe Lincoln’s Cabin” Scholastic News, February 2008, Vol. 64, Issue 6.  Found in Searchasaurus  (use the PDF full text).

A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln, David Adler

Un Libro Ilustrado Sobre Abraham Lincoln, David Adler


Our Holidays in Poetry, Mildred Harrington

News Articles

“President’s Day Dilemma” from Time for Kids (also available in MasterFile Premier)

“Document on Display” from Time For Kids

Primary Sources

The Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln, Illustrated by Michael McCurdy

AV Resources

Video: “Lincoln The Leader” from Scholastic News

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